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“Chloe DiVita captivates the room with her actionable tips and engaging performance. She is a first class speaker and teacher at the Heroic Public Speaking Headquarters.”
~ Michael Port
Co-Founder, Heroic Public Speaking
NYT, WSJ bestselling author of 6 books including Steal the Show


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Chloe has performed in front of a variety of audiences, and her experience brings engagement and impact to her audience.

Her performances leave lasting impressions and provide actionable tips to help anyone who speaks be more effective in their own performance.

From entrepreneurs to leaders to employees to video creators, Chloe's tips can be implemented right away.

Chloe has performed over 850 times from board rooms to dance to keynotes to educational sessions. She takes her performance and the impact it makes seriously, which is why she chose to study performance with Michael and Amy Port of Heroic Public Speaking (HPS).

Chloe continues to support the HPS community teaching in the HPS Graduate School and as manager and speaker coach for the TEDxCambridge Speaker Coaching Team. 

Chloe enjoys mingling with attendees before she takes the stage, and can be available for post-speaking events and appearances when arranged ahead of time. Additionally, she only speaks at events that feels good about supporting, and will share with her following. She is 100% committed to the moment, and shows up on-time and ready to share.

Chloe values professionalism and ease. She is responsive and easy to work with, and ensures everyone involved feels secure in what she brings to all the events she speaks at.

Before any contract is signed, Chloe does a 30 minute discovery call to be clear on all expectations. Following the signed contract, Chloe will schedule a one hour kick off call where all the details can be discussed and all parties involved can align.

Chloe is always on-time, on-point, and makes sure the event planner, the event, and the audience look forward to her performance.

Keynote Performances

  • The Power of Performance: How to Impact Your Audience Regardless of Size
  • Practice is the Most Important Step of Preparation
  • The Platform of Today is the Publisher of the Past

Workshops (half day or full day)

  • Performance tips for the stage (can be any stage, you decide which one), including advice on handling Q&A, and individualized advice for a limited group of people (3 half day and 7 full day).
  • Using performance to sell


  • Small group or individual training on performance to increase business, train a sales team, or work with the marketing team. 3 month minimum.
  • Ask about other consulting opportunities.

"One of Chloe's superpowers is witnessing the unique gift you offer the world and helping you feel it into your work, your messaging and your own heart. She knows when to listen, when to nudge and when to challenge."

Sarah Leversee, Artistic Director, Art as Action

Sarah Leversee

"Chloe's insights on the use of video have helped me create more content more easily and share media that earns higher quality responses. Her specific, incisive recommendations are delivered in a manner so supportive and with so much knowledge of my strengths and values that my immediate response is usually some form of, "Of course! That's exactly what I will do."

Tony Mayo, The Business Owner's Executive Coach

Tony Mayo

"Chloe is an expert at building authentic relationships who builds trust through her expertise and her get-it-done attitude. She's also an excellent public speaker and owns the stage no matter the crowd, with an approach that shows she "gets" her audience."

Betsy Berger, Director of Communications, Chicago Public Media

Betsy Berger
Director of Communications, Chicago Public Media

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