CHLOE here,
Rhymes with Joe, not Joey

Chloe holding champagne out to toast

I’m Chloe. I spend my life correcting people on how to pronounce my name. Well, that and I see things. Not hallucinations, but people and their natural strengths and their ideas. I see the things you want others to see, but sometimes can’t figure out how to be seen. I see that, and I help you ensure others connect with it.

I’ve been a performer all my life, in one aspect or another. As a kid I was an extra in musicals and operas at the Eastman Theatre in Rochester, NY and a competitive gymnast. Then a dancer, a dance teacher and choreographer, a speaker on main stages teaching thousands of influencers about social media and community, and as President of the board for a local not-for-profit that produces annual performances: Art as Action. Performers must learn to communicate in a way that creates the response they are looking for in their audience; this translates to all of your communications and I can help show you how.

I’m a long time entrepreneur having started my first company at 23 years old, and successfully hiring out all my employees to clients 8 years later in order to start a new company that ended up being acquired twice, and for a time was owned by PetSmart. My broad experience from small companies to corporations to entrepreneurship to performance helped me acquire a diverse set of communication skills. 

My heart has always been drawn to helping people connect with the pieces of themselves that can best serve the situations they find themselves in. Our authentic selves are very complex, and knowing when and how to bring forth the pieces of yourself to best impact your audience is a craft I can help you learn. I am able to see through the fog to the unique things about each person, and help them bring those things to light. 

Chloe helps speakers and businesses share their content
so that audiences can understand it, remember it,
and share it.

"Chloe has an innate talent for seeing the potential in others – even when they themselves don’t realize they have it. I will forever be grateful to Chloe for seeing that spark in me." 

Aimee Beltran
Director of Community Education, BlogPaws

"One of Chloe's superpowers is witnessing the unique gift you offer the world and helping you feel it into your work, your messaging and your own heart. She knows when to listen, when to nudge and when to challenge."

Sarah Leversee
Artistic Director, Art as Action

Chloe exemplifies the definition of a leader. She is passionate, invested, creative, and kind. She helped me find my voice while asking pointed questions I didn’t even realize I had not yet answered. I am the professional I am today with the help of her guidance and leadership.

Bryn Nowell
Influencer, A Dog Walks Into a Bar