SPEAKERS: Connect. Communicate. Choreograph.

BUSINESSES: Vision. Strategy. Plan.

Great, but what does that mean? I thought you might ask…

Connect aka Vision: The clients I’ve worked with to connect to their authentic self have resulted in each of them finding clarity around the reason they do what they do; their vision. One client in particular was surprised when her message was so simple, that I could see right through the muck that was clouding her and her vision. Once we got through the muck, she beamed. She saw clearly. I have a knack for seeing through the muck and helping get clarity for you.

Communicate aka Strategize: Whether you’re already connected to your vision or not, getting any message into easy to understand pieces is a messy, creative process. Many like to skip this piece and go right to planning, but communication is key. When it’s your content or presentation or product, it can be hard to see the through-line; the strategy. I will help you organize your content in a way that allows it to be communicated to your audience with purposeful strategy.

Choreograph aka Plan: Planning, speaking, creating, whether on a stage or online or in a board room or anywhere in between, is all about choreographing your performance, or your content. You plan how to use your voice to the words, and you choreograph your movement to allow your message to be digested by your audience. Content and marketing is planned the same way. I can help you choreograph your best performance using my dance background, my performance background, and my business background. You will be the one everyone remembers.


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